Click GL from the Main menu to open the General Ledger. The Find box shows all general ledger records that contain the string in: | GLID | TDate | Contact ~ InvoiceID | Memo | DepositID ^ CheckNo | Comment | SEL | Account @ CashAccount |. The unique delimiters let you specify the string must begin, end or match exactly a certain field. The records are further filtered by a Start and End Date range that is normally the current calendar year. Use the arrow keys and the slider on the right of the form to move to the desired record.

The blue field headers GLID, TDate, Amount, Contact, Account, Cash Account, Memo, InvoiceID, DepositID, CheckNo and Sel sort the records by that column. Click the link a second time to sort descending. Hover over the link to see a yellow tooltip showing the entire sort order.

Add a new record for each financial transaction that affects any account on the balance sheet or profit and loss statement. These accounts are set up on the Combo form. Assets should have sort order of 1, Liabilities 2, Equity 3, Income 4 and Expenses 5. Normally the Cash Account is a bank account and the Account is not. Most values should be positive, except Loans TO Shareholder or Repay Loans FROM Shareholder normally have negative Amounts.

When depositing checks, click Undeposited to see the checks that are to be deposited and total amount. Click Deposit to assign them to a DepositID and clear the list for the next deposit.

Use the Balance Sheet, GL Transactions and Profit and Loss Statement to make sure your amounts and accounts are correct.

Here are some sample transactions using the above accounts:

TransactionAccountCash Account
Sale of stock to SHSH EquityChecking
Repay loan From SH. Amt<0LoansChecking
Invoice incomeInc from ConsultingChecking
Property to equityFixed AssetsSH Equity
Pay fed taxTaxChecking
Pay employeePayrollChecking
Sales tax collectedSales Tax CollChecking
Buy fixed asset by SHFixed AssetsLoans
Paypal loan to SH. Amt<0LoansChecking
Depreciation on 12/31DepreciationFixed Assets
Phone expense pd by SHOther ExpLoans
Mileage expenseOther ExpChecking
Dividend to SH. Amt<0SH EquityChecking
Trash fixed asset. Amt=0Fixed AssetsChecking
Cost of Goods SoldFixed AssetsChecking
Cost of Goods SoldFixed AssetsLoans
Sale of inventorySale of InvChecking