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Import form for Store Building Maintenance

Click the link in the lower right of the Main menu to open the Import form. This is the form where most of the processing occurs. If you hover over the link, it shows a yellow tool tip that tells what the link will do. Click the link to run the process.

Click Import Folder to see what is in the import folder. Select the XLS spreadsheet for Yesterday and Today's data. Y lets you view the Yesterday file and T lets you view the Today file. Click tmpWO to see what will be imported. The Yesterday and Today files are compared to determine Work Orders added and dropped. Click the Import button to import the data to the Work Order table. If a new Service or Store is added, it will be imported as well. Work Orders in the Yesterday file, but not in the Today file will be marked for Drop.

The DI rpt link runs a printable report to help ensure data is clean before import. DI frm opens the Data Integrity form to let you view records that may be problems. Log lets you set actions to be completed in the future. The Data Integrity and Log forms are documented on the Setup form. If you click the link on a blank combo, you will be offered a chance to create a sample XLS. This helps resolve problems with field names.

The next few links process data through the various Status values. The V links to the left of some links let you View the data before export or email. Combo boxes to the right of a link let you choose the XLS spreadsheet to import. Links do the following:
  • Dispatch Crews - Email Dispatch XLS to crew for schedule if Status = RCV
  • Acknowledge - Acknowledge crew was dispatched
  • Import Schedule - Import Schedule from Crew. The dispatch attachment becomes a schedule after the crew fills in the dates they plan to complete work orders.
  • SCH to CMP - Emails crews an XLS of Work Orders scheduled to be completed (CMP) tomorrow
  • Mark CMP - Sets Status to Complete CMP for work orders imported if CMP column = Y
  • Search POS - Match Work Orders to Proof Of Service using the WO Detail form
  • Invoice - Opens Work Order form for work orders that need InvoiceNo
  • Mark Paid - Mark Invoices / Work Orders Paid
  • Import To INV - lets you import a list of work orders and sets them all to INV status
  • Import to PD - lets you import a list of work orders and sets them all to PD status
  • Import to CXC - lets you import a list of work orders and sets them all to CXC (Cancelled by Cleanup) status
  • Archive - moves records marked Dropped to the Archive database specified on the Setup form
  • View Archives - Opens the ArchWO archive form
  • Import Crew - Imports contact info for new Crew records
  • Import CS - Imports Crew Company for a Service and Store ProjectNo. If you leave Service blank, it sets the default crew for the store.
  • CS - Opens the Crew Service form

Click Recur to schedule recurring maintenance tasks. Stores are categorized into Tiers. Each tier can have a different frequency for the service. Recs specify how many times per week or month the service is performed. Interval shows whether the service is performed weekly or monthly. If Recs is 2 and Interval is weekly, the service is performed twice weekly. Intervals shows how many intervals occur between services. If a service is performed quarterly, Intervals would be 3 or every 3 months. If Recs is more than 1, Intervals will be 1. If Intervals is more than 1, Recs will be 1. This gives you the ability to schedule services several times per week or once every several weeks. Likewise, if the interval is monthly, you can schedule a service several times per month or once every several months.

If a task is done multiple days per week, you can specify the days per week that the crew does the task on the CS form on the Setup page.

To create schedule work orders, set the StartDate and EndDate, select a Store and click Generate. Work orders will be generated based on the schedule record for the tier assigned to the store. In the example above, a Tier 3 store would receive a 2x Weekly Svc (Auto Scrub & Burnish) 2x per week beginning on 10/15/2015 and running through 11/14/2015. Assuming no work orders for the store and service exist, work orders would be generated for the store and service for 10/15, 10/18, 10/22, 10/25, 10/29, 11/1, 11/5, 11/8 and 11/12.