Click Asset on the Main menu to open the Asset form. You can use a barcode scanner to find by AssetID or search by any text in the fields | Category | Yr | Manufacturer | Model | VIN | KeyNo ~ IDNo | Condition | EquipmentDescription | EquipmentType | Engine | Transmission | Comment | SEL |. The Status bar in the lower left corner of the screen reminds you how to use the Search function. Use the pipe symbol (vertical | bar) to separate multiple fields or mark the start or end of a field and reduce false hits. Find for |SEL| to find records where the Sel checkbox is checked. The record counter in the lower left of the form shows how many records you have found. Click the Find box to clear it and find all records again. The Contact combo lets you pick a specific contact, you can use the < Prev and > Next buttons in the upper right corner of the form, or use the PageDown and PageUp keys to navigate through the recordset.

SelAll sets the Sel checkbox in all records in the found recordset to true. Clear x SelRecs sets them to false. These features are additive so you could find for Dallas, SelAll, find for Fort Worth, SelAll and repeat the process for any selected asset or salvage. Similarly, you could find |Smith|, Clear x Sel Recs, find |Jones|, Clear x Sel Recs and exclude all whose last name was either Smith or Jones. If you don't mind also clearing 2013 BlackSmith Way, you could omit the pipe symbol delimiters. By entering keywords in the Comment field, you can quickly select marketing groups for your business.

You can use the complex selections to create reports, export data, delete or edit records.

If you enter an exclamation point ! in the Comment field, it is highlighted pink. This helps the user remember to ask a question while the customer is available.

Click the blue links for Buyer, Condition, Transmission, Differential, WheelType, Manufacturer, Category, EquipmentType or PurchasedFrom to edit the values in the combo box.

To link to a photo, enter its filename in the Photo field. If you don't recall the filename, click the blue Photo link to see the Photo folder you specified on the Setup form.

Click SingleAssetRpt to see a report for this asset.