Find contacts using the Contact combo box in the upper part of the form. Filter the list by selecting a find string. This searches for the string in:
LastName ` FirstName ` Company ` Street ` City ` State ` Zip ` WorkPhone ` HomePhone ` Fax ` EMail ` Comment.
You can also select Clients, Contacts or All. The list is sorted company & last name. PgDn moves to the next record. PgUp moves to the previous record. Esc closes the form.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen tells what goes in each field in the system. Hover over any command button for two seconds for a tooltip of what it does. Any underlined letter is a hotkey. Hold Alt and press the letter. Alt-Z on any record of any form in the system to see the time and user who last updated that record.

Use the Group form to create marketing groups for promotions.

Use log entries to store info or to-do actions for a prospect or customer. Invoice button shows invoices for this customer. Report shows contact info, to-do tasks, log history and invoice entries by date. Click Env to print an envelope.

Use the Features form to set the preferred features for the contact. Match will try to match as many of these as possible. You should also check the acceptable number of bedrooms and baths and the acceptable locations.

Click Pref to open the Preference form. Click Match Features to display properies that match the required features for a contact. Print a Match Report to send to the contact.