Contact Form

Use log entries to store info on a prospect. Mark as a client when you close the deal. Also enter the (hourly) Rate and Terms to set the invoice due date. Add contacts to special groups you designate. Search, sort or scroll by company, last name, phone number, group or appearance in the to-do list. Find a string in any field. Table lookups for phone, zip, city avoids duplicate records and speeds data entry. Print envelope or summary report with all log and invoice detail entries.

Use the Find box to Find string in | ContactID | LastName | FirstName | Company | Comment | WorkPhone | Street | City | Zip | Website | JobStreet | JobCity | State | JobState | JobZip | Fax | HomePhone | MobilePhone | Directions | MAPSCO |. Click Find again to see all recs. Use the vertical bar delimiters to specify the start or end of a field. Use both to specify the field contents must match exactly. Wildcard ? character matches one character. * matches 0 or more characters. Use the Contact combo to select an individual record or PgDn or PgUp key to move to the next or previous record. The FindLog finds log entries that contain a string within a single contact.

Check the Client checkbox for clients. Check Inactive to remove them from the Contact combo unless Inactive checkbox at the top of the form is checked. The blue Login link reveals a hidden field where you can store sensitive info. The Groups link opens the Group form to associate the contact with searchable marketing groups. Click the Website link to browse to the contact's website.

As you tab through the fields, you'll see what is expected in that field in the status bar text above your Start button in the lower left of your screen. If you hover over a button, link or combo for a second or two, you'll see what it does in a yellow tool tip.

Use Directions to get the one way distance to the client's location and enter it into the Dist field. Each time you enter an invoice detail line containing ON SITE, that distance will be added to the Mileage table to help you with that tax deduction.

Use the Comment field to track other individuals and alternate contact info at the location. use the Log fields to store a chronological log of info and tasks you have promised to do. Use the Action field to show when an action is due on the ToDo list. Check the User box to specify the technician, not the sales person is responsible for the action. When the action is done, double click to clear it from the ToDo list.

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Click the Env button to print a No. 10 envelope for invoices. Click Inv to see the latest invoice for the contact. When you close the invoice, you'll see a filtered list of all the invoices for the contact. Click View to see the Contact report. Click Print to print the Contact report to the default printer.