Microsoft Access Find Invoice 
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The Invoices form helps you find a single invoice. Use the Find box to find a string in | InvoiceID | Company | LastName | InvoiceDate|. Use the vertical bar delimiters to show the start or end of a field. Use both to match the contents of a field exactly. Select a Group to further filter the invoices.

Click on the blue link for InvID, Company, InvoiceDate or PaidDate to sort by that column. Click the link again to sort descending.

Click the Env button to print a #10 envelope to the default printer. Click Print to print the invoice to the default printer. Check the Long box to shrink the margins and squeeze a few more detail lines onto the page. Click View to view the invoice report on the screen. From the View, you can print to a different printer. Click Del to delete the invoice or New to create a new invoice.

MS Access Invoice Form for lawn landscape pest McKinney Frisco Allen Texas

Click Edit from the Invoices form to edit the invoice. Double click the date field to enter today's date. The numeric + or - keys add or subtract a day. Double click a non-blank date to clear it.

The Item field is linked to inventory. You can fully describe each service and override prices. Times are normally rounded to the nearest 15 minute interval. Check Tx if the good or service is taxable. For non-profit customers, you can add the contact to the Tax group to turn off the Tx checkbox by default.

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Click Pmts from the Invoice form to open the Payment form. You can apply partial payments to an invoice or split large payments across many invoices. Payment and new balance are automatically posted to the General Ledger. Use the Accounts Receivable report to help apply payments.