Super users can edit the Assembly, Control, Inventory, Suffix and User tables.

You can view (read only), export and edit tables. You can export tables to CSV, DBF, MDB, TXT and XLS formats.

Click Backup to copy the 'back end' (tables) database to your c: drive before large data imports. Click Compact weekly to purge deleted records from the database and rebuild indexes.

To gain exclusive access to compact the database or restore the tables, use the Quit link. It sends a message to users (when they can try to login again) and forces them out of the database within about two minutes.

Link lets you point the 'front end' (forms, reports and queries) database to use different tables. You can have one front end pointing to archived data, another for training and another for production.

Click Color to select different form colors for users and super users.

Click Update to update the Category, Assembly, Control, Inventory, MajorCategory, SC and Suffix tables from estupd.mdb. Click Import to import all jobs and estimates from another database. This lets remote sites create estimates to be combined at the corporate level.

The Control and Suffix forms let you adjust and refine estimates based on job type.

Click Inv on the Setup form to open the Inventory form. You can import your inventory with cost, labor hours per unit, weight and select whether it appears in low risk or normal risk on the estimate.

The Assembly form groups components in the inventory to simplify data entry. You can select the components and quantity for the assembly.