Click Invoice from the Main menu to see a list of invoices in they system. Enter a strinig in the Find box to filter the list by: | InvoiceID | InvoiceDate | Comment | SEL | Contact |. Find for |SEL| to find all invoices where Sel is checked. Use the vertical bar delimiters to specify the field begins with, ends with or matches the Find box exactly.

Double click on date fields to set it to today's date or blank if the date isn't blank. Use the numeric keypad + or - to add or subtract a day. Click Env to print on a #10 envelope for the invoice.

Click Edit from the Invoices form to edit detail lines in a single invoice. Click Fill to fill invoice detail lines from uninvoiced log entries.

Click Pay from the Invoices form to open the Pay form. Complete the fields and click Save to mark the invoice paid and create transactions in the GL table.

This is a place holder for text for medical invoice form.