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Use the Main menu to navigate to forms within the system. Underlined letters on buttons are hotkeys. Hold Alt down and press the letter to navigate using only the keyboard. Click the version number for additional support info. System features are based on the user's security level. If an update is released or a user is added or deleted, the user is prompted to install the update next time they log on.

This Access medical application allows users to track patients' allergies, medications and histories in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas. From Allen, Texas we offer a medical database with a patient form that tracks scheduling of appointments, invoices, patient treatment and written presciptions . The patient form in this medical app has a patient log that tracks patients' allergies, medication and prescriptions from El Paso, Laredo, Lubbock, Corpus Christi and Dallas. The medical system has an program form that lists company contact, patient contact, task type and due appointment from Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Garland and Plano, TX. The contact form in this medical program contains patient information such as name, address, home phone, cell phone, workphone, email address and possible tests results in Carrolltoan, Denton, Frisco and McKinney, Texas. The invoice form in our medical app can print, view, edit and delete invoices and envelopes from Dallas County, Denton County, Tarrant County and Collin County, Texas. Our medical system has a setup form that includes a table documentation for the user to know what each table element is used for from the DFW metroplex. The Microsoft Access medical database contains a general ledger that allows users to track deposits, expenses, inovices and checks in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We offer a medical application with reports such as accounts recievable, balance sheet, schedule, profit and loss, and medication adminstration records. This Access medical program has a setup form that alllows users to backup, compact and edit all data in the system from Mesquite, Grand Prairie, McKinney and Richardson, Texas.