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Work Order form for Store Building Maintenance

Click WO on the Main menu to open the Work Order form. The colored area at the top of the form helps you find a record. The Find box filters the recordset to reduce the number of records and make them easier to find. The Status Bar shows help for each text box. You can use the vertical bar | and tilde ~ to delimit the start and end of fields to find. You can find by WorkOrderID, WorkOrderNo, ProjectNo (Store), Problem stated in the work order, Status, Contat, Comment or find records where the Sel (select) checkbox is true. The WO combo lets you choose an individual record from the records. The < and > buttons move to the previous or next record. The PgDn key also moves to the next record and PgUp moves to the previous record.

You can enter date fields like 6/30 23:59 for the current year or 6/30/2014 for the previous year. Notice the status bar text as you tab through the text fields. Each checkbox, combo, command button and blue label link shows a tool tip if you hover over it for a second. If you click the blue ServiceID form, it opens the Service form to the record where ServiceID=49 in the example above.

Status progresses from ReCeiVed, DISpatched, ACKnowledged, SCHeduled, REMinded the day before service, FOLlowed up the day after scheduled, CoMPleted, Proof of Service received, INVoiced, AUDited, PaiD, ARChived. Exceptions may be ReSCheduled, Cancelled by Store (CXL), Cancelled by Cleanup (CXC) or DECLined by the vendor. Status is generally changed by the Import processes.

Stores are assigned to a default crew on the CrewService form. Services that are exceptions to the default store can be assigned to a different crew on the CrewService form. On the Work Order form, you can assign a particular job to a different crew. The work order must be assigned to a crew to automatically create messages.

The blue SelAll link in the lower left of the form checks the Sel checkbox for all records shown in the recordset. Find for Parking Lot and SelAll would mark all records containing the words Parking Lot in the Problem field so you could create a report for the contractor who maintains the parking lot.

Clear xxx Sel recs works similarly, but sets Sel to False for the records in a recordset. When you change a record, it is timestamped with your userid. Alt-Z on a record shows who last updated the record and when. SelMine lets you select records you updated x minutes ago. This lets you undo changes more easily.

If you want to enter notes about a work order, you can use the Log form. If a log entry exists, the link will show 1 Log instead of log. If you want to show links to scanned Proof Of Service documents, you can enter them on the WODetail form.

Blue links for Store, ServiceID, Status, Crew and CheckNo open those forms.