Click Invoice on the Main menu to open the Invoices form. If you click the blue x Invoices link at the bottom of the Contact form, you will only see invoices for that contact.

Use the Find box to search by InvoiceID, InvoiceDate, Cash Drawer, a string in the Comment, |Sel| for selected invoices, or by ContactID. The vertical bar | (pipe character) and ~ tilde character lets you specify the string is at the start or end of a field's contents.

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Click the blue link at the top of any continuous form to sort ascending by that field. On Invoices, that is InvoiceID, ContactID, InvoiceDate, Invoice Amount, Drawer or Sel. Click the link a second time to sort in descending order.

The comment field at the bottom of the Invoices form lets you create a comment that appears in italics on the bottom of the invoice. Use the Total with the Find box to see the amount bought for a single date and drawer. To see sales for the month, enter ?? for the day of the month (3/??/2012 for the month of March, 2012). To see a single drawer, enter the pipe symbol and drawer number after the invoice date, like 3/29/2012|2S.

Sel All and Clear x Sel Recs works like on the Contact form to select all invoices for a period of time or ContactID. The Photo field lets you store a picture of the seller taken at the point of sale. The photo is stored in the PhotoFolder set on the Setup form. Click the blue link to see the directory. You should name the photo InvoiceID.jpg (in the case of InvoiceID 7, 7.jpg.

To select an invoice to edit or delete, click the gray box to the left of the InvoiceID. Regular users can delete an invoice using the Del button or click Edit to edit a single invoice.

Scrap Metal Sales System for DFW Metroplex

The invoice is designed to work using either the mouse or keyboard. The blue Edit link by the Commodity label lets you edit commodities and default prices. You can change the price for a single invoice in the Price field. The Comment field at the bottom of the Invoice form lets you show a comment for that detail line on the printed invoice. InvCmt is the Invoices comment that prints at the bottom of the invoice.

When all the invoice details and comments have been entered, click ChkOut (not shown) to the left of the Print button. This enables the signature pad and prints two copies of the invoice on the default printer.

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You can set the default printer for the application in the Printer combo above the Tender field. This lets you print invoices on a small 80mm point of sale printer and use a letter size printer for other applications.

Access Scrap Metal Recyling application in Sherman and Dennison, Texas

The Photo checkbox shows the photo, signature and drivers license on the page. This is only available on the letter sized big invoice. The drivers license is stored in the DLFolder specified on the Setup form. It is usually named like the ContactID on the Contact form. The invoice photo (left) is stored in the Photo folder specified on the Setup form and is named like the InvoiceID. The signagure file is stored inside the database and is related to the invoice. The Logo file is specified on the Setup form and is stored in the Doc Folder.

The invoice has been tested with the Topaz Systems Model TL-BK-460-HSB ID scanner. The current version of this database uses the SigPlus Basic eSignatures driver and SigPlusPro ActiveX Signature Capture driver. Both are free from