Access Nonprofit Social Service Charity program in Garland, Irving, and Plano, Texas

Click Schedule from the Main menu or from the Appointment form to open the Schedule form. You can schedule the time in 15 minute increments for eight case workers. Help at the top of the form reminds you of the keys to quickly navigate through the days and enter data. Double click an entry to edit the appointment or see each social service. Double click on an empty cell when the appointment form is open to schedule appointments. You can also enter Household ID and Last Name to manually schedule time or even enter notes into a time block. Old schedule data is stored in an archive table to keep the active schedule performing at top speed. Choose the eight case workers on the schedule by setting letters in the User form Schedule field.

Add comments about the day, such as when a case worker is unavailable or being replaced by another person. Click Schedule Rpt at the bottom of the form to view a printable daily schedule report. Records are stored in MS Access database relational tables but displayed in a format that is user friendly.