Lawn Service application reports

View, print or export any report to csv (mainframe), dbf (dBase), rtf (Word/Wordpad), txt or xls (Excel).
Filter by date range, group, account, paytype or search string as appropriate.

Reports include: Accounts Receivable, Balance Sheet, Bank Draft Payments, Call List, Client List, Contacts by City and Street, Contacts with Blank Fields, Credit Card Payments, Customers With No Services, GL Transactions, Group Members, Invoice Log, Invoices, Log, Mailing Labels, Negative Invoices, Pay Type Problems, Physical Check Payments, Profit and Loss Statement, Schedule, Suspended Services, To-Do and User. Accounts Receivable report for recurring services

Accounts Receivable report shows uninvoiced work, unpaid
invoices by customer and receipts by account.

Contacts w/blank fields for data integrity.

Contacts With Blank Fields report shows invalid data entry for Contact form.

Credit Card billing for recurring services

Credit Card billings. BankDraft and PhysicalCheck reports are similar.

Client list for lawn services

Client List, with or without income by client.

Search General Ledger by account or entry

Search GL Accounts within a date range and account by search string.

Contacts by Marketing group

Sales groups report. Set up groups for your salespeople on
Group form and assign customers on Contact table.

Invoice for recurring services

Invoice for recurring services. Set logo and slogan on
Setup form. Shows outstanding balance in comment.

Invoice Log

Invoice log shows key info from invoices in more compact format.

Mailing labels

Mailing labels. Select from Invoices form.

Negative invoices

Negative Invoices report shows negative detail lines used to document a void or adjusted invoice.

Customers without services

Customers without services report shows where followup is needed.

PayType Problem report

PayType Problem report shows expired or invalid credit card
and MICR numbers and other inconsistencies.

Daily schedule for mowing service

Schedule shows services scheduled by day and crew sorted by MAPSCO and street name.

Suspended customer report

Services temporarily suspended by customer request or for payment problems.
Scheduling automatically resumes when the end date expires.