Lawn Care Service application

Update company unique information on the Setup form. Enter the path to the company logo used on invoices. If it is on the server, it might be like \\servername\mow\logo.gif.

Schedule form

Services are assigned to each customer by clicking the Services link on the Contact form. Click the Sched button on the Setup form to create a daily schedule those services. Links at the top of the form sort on that column. Links in the LastName field open the Contact form for more customer detail. Enter the ScheduleDay and click Clear to quickly clear checkboxes. Selected records are always sorted to the top of the form. If you want to unschedule all services currently scheduled for the ScheduleDay, answer yes when asked. Click Due to automatically check services that are due. The system stores the last assigned crew in the CustomerService table. It uses the service table to determine the next due date. For example, it schedules weekly services seven days from the last SvcDate. You can manually check or uncheck services and change the assigned crew as desired.

NOTE: Work the ScheduleDays in order. If you schedule services for a month from now, all weekly services would be scheduled for that day and not rescheduled when you worked your way down to the schedule for next week.

The schedule only tracks the next scheduled service, so you should normally not expect to lock in a schedule more than a few days ahead. Print the schedule report from the Reports menu.

Mark Services Complete

After services are completed for a day, click Sched on the Setup form and click the MarkDone button. Enter the CompletedOn date and verify checkboxes correctly reflect the services that are done. When you exit the form, answer Yes to the 'Invoice Completed Services' question. This updates the SvcDate and creates invoice detail records for the services. If the customer doesn't have an open invoice, one is created. Close and print the invoices on the Invoices form.

Change Access form colors

To quickly identify user levels, the super user can change the form color using the Color link. Select Super or User and click a color for the form backgrounds. You can also select a line color for alternating report lines

Link lets you point to a different data file or 'back end' database. Normally, this back end is on \\servername\mow\mowdat.mdb where servername is your server's name, mow is the network share name on the server and mowdat.mdb is the name of the Access database that contains the tables. For example, to view an archived copy of the previous year's work, copy the 'front end' database (c:\ageesw\mow.mde) to c:\ageesw\mowold.mde. Change mowold's Setup, Link to point to the archived 'back end' database. (perhaps \\servername\mow\mow04.mdb) This way users can run reports without affecting current data. Click the Ver label on the Main menu to see the name of the 'front end' and 'back end' databases.

To manually create a shortcut, right click on the desktop, click New, Shortcut and enter:

"c:\program files\microsoft office\office\msaccess.exe" c:\ageesw\mow.mde /wrkgrp c:\ageesw\mow.mdw

as the location. If you're running OfficeXP, use office10/msaccess.exe instead of office/msaccess.exe.

Click the Backup link to copy the back-end database (tables) to another file. The default is c:\MOWymmdd.MDB where y is the year, mm is the month and dd is the day. If the file exists, it is overwritten. Other users can remain in the system while this backup is done.

To compact the back-end database, click the Compact link. As users use the database, the back-end database can become fragmented and use disk space inefficiently. Compacting the database makes a copy of the database, optimizing indexes, queries and file storage. No other user can use the database for the minute or so it takes to compact it.Quit to force users out of the database for maintenance.

When you click the Compact link and answer Yes, you will be asked for your password and then the database will close. When the application closes, users can login and continue normal operations. You should compact the database about once per week.

Force users from Access database

Force database logoff

To force all users out of the system for compacting or other maintenance, click the Quit link. Enter a short message telling the users when they can go back to work and click Start. Within a minute, the forms on each user's screen will turn red and your message will appear. Within another minute, all users will be forced to quit. Only Super users can login while in the Quit mode.

IMPORTANT: When you are done performing maintenance, login as a super user and click Table, Quit, Cancel to allow others to login to the system again.

Select a table and click View to see the table (read only) in this or another Access database. Using the right-click and Access menu, you can rearrange columns, sort, find or select rows to print or export to email.

To open the forms below, select a table and click Edit.

Click Export to save the selected table as CSV (comma separated value), DBF (dBase), RTF (Wordpad or Word), TXT or XLS (Excel) format.

Edit Account table

Edit the Account table used on the GL form. Make a backup before you delete any existing accounts.

Edit Crew table

Edit the Crew table used on the Schedule form.

Edit Salesperson table

Edit the Salesperson table used on the Contact form.

Edit Service table

Edit the Service table. You can set any number of days, months or even .5 months for frequency. Enter 999 Days for one-time services.

Edit users and change passwords

The Super user, can add or delete users or grant them Super privileges. You cannot delete your own record or remove yourself Super status. You can only change your own password.

More info on setting up users

Zip code form

Edit Zip Codes & set distances from the office. This distance is used on the Contact form.