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PFG Customized Human Resource Database

Click Employee, Applicant, ExEmpl, OSD, Report, Setup or Quit.

The Truck HR database lets a nationwide trucking company manage employee training, qualifications and counseling. It tracks prospective employees through the application process and throughout the entire employment and post employment process. It includes user level security so users only see the records under their control. The system supports user access at corporate, regional, warehouse and department level. Super users at each level can maintain user access and combo tables.

If you are the super user who administers or updates the database, see the Install instructions.

Buttons have underlined hotkeys so Alt-R opens the Report form like clicking the Report button.

Your userid and security level (R=*|W=*|D=*) appears on the main menu. R stands for Region, W for Warehouse and D for Department. For example, if your security level is R=W|W=TX|D=*, you'll be able to see employees in all departments of the Western region's Texas warehouse.