The Report form lets you select a report and set the parameters such as date range, name or group that are offered for that report.

You can view the report on your screen, print it to the default printer or export it to CSV, DBF (dBase, FoxPro, Clipper), HTM (for web browsers), MDB (Access), RTF (Word or WordPad), SNP (free Access reader from Microsoft), TXT or XLS (Excel) formats.

If you want a PDF, install a PDF driver like Adobe Acrobat or the freeware Primo PDF from View the report and File, Print to send it to the PDF printer. If you need to create a large number of PDFs, temporarily set your default printer to the PDF printer and use the Print button.

Reports, like forms show the name in the upper left corner. Reports normally show the page number, date the report was created and the name of the app that created the report in small font. It is easy to add a line showing the parameters that were chosen for the report.

All can be filtered by Region and Warehouse

Accident Points - by driver

Accident Yrs - Accident free years with company by driver

Applicant - to compare applicants for employment

Attendance Points - by Employee. May filter by Department.

Average Points - of Accident, Attendance, CSA & MVR points

CSA Points - by Driver

Driver Roster - by DriverNo / HireDate. Has option to show only Sel recs.

MVR Points - MVR Ticket Points by driver

OSD - Over, Short, Damaged, Rejected, Mis-Picked, Unacceptable Quality, Failed to Unload, Weight Adj and Data Entry errors. Has six sort options and date range or option to show only Sel recs.

Phone List - for Drivers or other employees

Profile - Accidents, Absences, CALog, Tickets and CSA details by employee. Has option to show by ExEmployee or Employee, Region, Warehouse, Department or show only Sel recs.

Recognized - Accident free years by driver for a month

Warehouse Roster - Non-driver employees by Department, JobTitle and Hire Date. Has option to show by Region, Warehouse, Department or show only Sel recs.