Agee Software, Inc.

Auction Inventory Software

Supports a company who auctions computer equipment for consignors.

Allowed consignor data to be imported from any Excel spreadsheet for quick inventory. Manufacturer barcode information was used to identify the item and barcode scanning and printing was used throughout the system. The system included a Kiosk form that polled a table for the item being auctioned and displayed a digital photo and description of that item on several monitors. Customer data was scanned from the driver license. Absentee bids, winning bids and invoices were posted to the database in real time. The invoice handled cash discounts and split payments. The accounting system provided an audit trail and real time profit and loss info.

The system front end was written in Microsoft Access 97 with user level security implemented. The back end was Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and provided adequate performance to use wireless LAN connections and portable PCs. Several API calls were used in the system. Each table or query could be exported to text, Excel or DBF. Tooltips, status bar and hotkeys were used throughout the system. Each query, form, report and module was thoroughly commented. The system checked credit card numbers for format, validate the customerís zip code and applied other business rules to protect against fraud.