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Custom Microsoft Access Databases 1 - 10

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Access single record form and continuous form framework Access Framework Template
Rapid database design in Microsoft Access. Includes security, automatic shortcut creation, main menu, setup form for global settings, report menu, combo box form for simple tables, a single record Contact form, a continuous Log form, user form, force users out of database with a warning, backup and compact database, data dictionary, link to other table databases, synchronize users across the network, automatically offer updates and track versions. Has powerful tools to find and select records without making users learn SQL.

Multi level marketing application Multi level marketing application.
Allows one or two users to auto create invoices. Mark paid invoices in bulk including bank draft and recurring credit card customers. Calculates five levels of commission, weekly fast cash and three manager bonuses. Generate MLM downline and more than 45 reports to monitor sales performance promote data entry accuracy. Securely import and export data between service providers and ecommerce websites. Reps have replicated website with their contact info, photos and sales pitch. They can log in to see their downline and commission statements. Full user level security. Used in production in Flower Mound, Texas since 2001.
construction estimating program with inventory, factors Estimating Program.
Provides labor and materials estimates for construction project based on previous experience factors. Flexible and accurate. Consolidate several estimates into a job, copy or adjust estimates. Update costs as inventory cost changes.

The system has been used in Fort Worth, Texas, San Antonio, TX, Austin and Cincinnati, Ohio.
invoices, inventory, general ledger, accounts receivable Service Invoice Application.
Gives small or medium size service company customer contacts, invoices, inventory, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll. Ideal database for IT professional, software developer, network technician or any hourly work. Used in DFW metroplex since 2000.
movie POS point of sale pos database Point of Sale (POS) Application.
Extremely flexible and user friendly retail POS system for DVD video sales / rental with integrated management tools. Handles barcode alternate SKUs, lease, buy, sell, trade, new and used items. Supports up to five concurrent customers from each POS terminal. Prints receipts and barcode product labels on dot matrix, thermal, ink jet or laser printer. All navigation can be done by either keyboard or mouse. Tracks invoices by customer. Rental form tracks late fees. Inventory management shows sales per month for the last year and helps you make good restock and pricing decisions. Quick Inventory feature simplifies frequent inventory of merchandise. Each item can have several alternate barcodes. End of day reconciliation keeps cash accountability. Used in Plano, Dallas, Texas, Irving and Lewisville, TX.
Hospice Nursing Facility Accounting management Hospice Nursing Facility Accounting
Lets you enter revenue from state MEDICAID and payments made to nursing facilities by patient and day. Import EDI transactions, generates checks for accounts payable for room and board.

System has been used in Plano, TX since 2011 to serve nursing facilities in Texas, Indiana and Michigan.

Scrap metal buy back database Scrap Metal Recycling Application
Point of sale application to let a recycling company track their purchases of metals that may be reportable to the state. Scan info from seller's driver license and capture signature on each invoice. Supports multiple user and multi-site operations with different levels of pricing based on volume. Also tracks recycle dumpsters. System has been used in Cincinnati, OH and in Sherman and Denison, TX since 2011.
Church ministry volunteer system Church Ministry Application
Schedules visits and services performed by pastors, deacons and volunteers. System has been used in Richardson, TX since 2013.
Textbook accountability for school districts Textbook Inventory.
Track textbooks issued from district to schools, teachers and students. Use barcode scanner to track by serial number. Merge data from your district's student schedule system. The database handles losses, inventory & bulk transfers and is used in a school of 50,000 students in North Carolina and in north Texas since 2006.
Drug testing database Drug Test Lab Database
Tracks samples from receipt through testing and payment. Used in Dallas, Texas.
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