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Custom Microsoft Access Databases 11 - 20

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Social Service system Social Services Application
Lets a non-profit charity schedule the delivery of social services. Reports show services received by households and family member demographics by any combination of date, county, city, zip, age, race, ethnicity, income level, marital status and education. You can log each session with a case worker, contacts that are referred out of the organization and store links to scanned documents by household. Data integrity reports help resolve data entry problems and protect valuable resources. Started in 2009. Used near Phoenix, AZ, in Mesquite, TX, Dallas and Denton County Texas.
Social Service with Clinic system Social Services Clinic Application
Microsoft Access database similar to Social Service Application above but with Clinic Database for Clinic Patients. Used in the DFW metroplex since 2010.
Maintenance Schedule system Building Maintenance System
Tracks work orders and schedules routine janitorial and emergency building maintenance. Used in multiple locations in Dallas since 2013.
Store Building Maintenance Schedule system Store Maintenance Schedule
Emails spreadsheets of upcoming jobs to building maintenance and janitorial contractors. Imports completion spreadsheets for invoicing and reports exceptions. Used in Richardson, TX in 2014.
Commission Sales system Commission Program
Lets a national wholesaler calculate commission from more than ten factories. Each factory can provide data in any format including text, CSV, Excel XLS or Microsoft Access MDB. Associate distributors to salespeople with accounts or geographic areas. You can change commission rate monthly for each factory based on sales. Each salesperson sees only his sales. Used in Austin, Texas since 2008.
Medical Office / Clinic system Medical Office Database
Lets a weight loss clinic track patients and schedule and invoice office visits. Maintains visit database and scanned medical records, physicals, weight and body composition data. Track product inventory and fax prescriptions to pharmacy of patient's choice. Patients may enter physical and application data on the web to save time in the office. Schedule can handle four different types of visits that include multiple providers. It also considers different office hours and visit times for each provider. The application also supports non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Used in Plano, Texas in 2008.
Medical Practice system Medical Practice Database
Ideal for a clinic. Tracks patient history and medications. Schedule visits, create questionnaires and store answers. Link to scanned documents about the patient. Invoice using ICD codes, track expenses on general ledger. Includes balance sheet, profit and loss and other financial reports. Uses Microsoft Access user level security.
Truck Salvage system Truck Salvage Program
Store data and images for salvaged trucks for sale. Used in North Texas since 2011.
Trucking company Human Resources HR system Truck HR Application
Track human resources, personnel, training, licensing, qualification and performance for trucking transportation company. Used in McKinney, TX since 2013 and Nashville, TN.
Audit Survey Questionnaire system Audit or Survey Questionnaire
Lets you create questions for an audit, application, inspection, survey or other questionnaire. You can then create multiple choice questions and answer specific questionnaires. Reports summarize the results of a group of answers.
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