Agee Software, Inc.

Programming Standards


Microsoft user level security. Encrypted. Access control by user for each form & report. UserID on main menu.

Navigate w/Keys

Perform all functions using either keystrokes or mouse

Shortcut Keys

Alt-N for New record. All command buttons that don't destroy data have this feature.


Hover over any command button for one second to see yellow box describing its function.

Status Bar Text

Status bar at bottom of screen describes the current text field

Locked Fields

Fields user can update are sunken and white. Locked fields are etched and gray.

Key Navigation

PgDn & PgUp move to next/previous record in single form. Ctrl-PgDn/PgUp moves in continuous form.


If two users change a record, second user is warned that record has changed.

Audit Trail

Each record update is stamped with time and user. Alt-Z to view audit stamp.

Record Count

Record x of y records at bottom of each form.

Export Reports

Each can be exported to CSV, DBF, RTF, TXT & XLS.

Hyperlink Labels

Blue underlined label opens form at record selected for foreign key fields.

Forced Quit

Super user can gracefully force all users to quit the database for maintenance.


Super user can change link to 'back-end' data tables for archive, backup, training or stand-alone operation.

Form Color

Super user can select form color for all forms. Helps user recognize he is logged in as Super or stand-alone.

Quick Date Entry

Plus key adds a day to any date, minus subtracts a date. Double-click clears or sets to today's date.

Object descriptions

Each query, form and report is fully described.


used in module code. Naming convention used for all object names.

Version Number

Databases with identical version numbers are identical. Users may automatically download update.

Report Menu

Fully describes each report and offers report unique parameters.

Consistent Reports

Each report shows date and time, page number, report name and database name.

Compiled & Compacted

Database always delivered compacted and free of compile errors.