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Online Driver Safety Class Application

Generic courseware engine written in ASP for Web Based Defensive Driving Course Providers in Texas. Displays each instructional page for the time you specify. Chooses questions and answers randomly from a pool of questions and presents them in random order. At random times during the instruction, asks a timed question from two third party databases to verify the identity of the student. Provides feedback after the student answers a question. The student can scroll through completed pages of instruction before the final. Complies with Texas Education Agency requirements. Administrative area allows admin to edit student record, make log entries, view of full log of student progress, edit the course content, questions and answers online. System has a lost password feature and sends text message if there is a payment problem.

Shopping Cart a complete custom solution for your ecommerce needs.

Online Catalog Search engines sometimes have a problem cataloging an ASP product catalog. Our Microsoft Access database solution lets you enter HTML and use tags similar to ASP to insert database field data. No knowledge of ASP or HTML is required. The database generates search engine friendly HTML at the rate of about one page per second that you can upload to your website. Works fine on Unix or Linux servers. Global price changes to your online catalog are easy. You can add dozens of new products to your online catalog in a very short time. Change the look and feel of your web site with a few keystrokes. You are not limited to one type of page layout. You can include links to your shopping cart by size of item.

Collaboration Software Active Server Pages database to let a small business upload documents to a secure server. The uploader can decide individuals and groups to see or edit the document. The administrator can add users to the system or groups. A complete audit trail is maintained including users who viewed the document. Later a generic web database feature was added to this suite to let users upload Access MDB, Excel XLS or CSV or dBase DBF files to the web. They can then specify which users and groups can see or edit the database by record and field. A complete audit trail is maintained by user and record. Database changes are logged and can be reversed. The system supported table relationships so a non programmer could quickly develop a complex web database. Applications included a training package, survey and order shipment status.

Replicated Website Data driven ASP site lets sales representatives customize their contact page and credits the rep with orders for commission sales. To customize the site, the sales representative can log in and enter an address, phone number, email address, two links to other sites and a photo without knowledge of HTML. The rep who wants to use HTML can enhance the site by pasting the HTML into a text field for a more robust site. The system can easily be set up to use company names instead of RepIDs.

Website Promotion We optimize your site to be search engine friendly. No tricks, just hard work.

Secure Document Upload A legal support company gets health records from plaintiff and defendant of a lawsuit or medical claim and posts using SSL to a secure website for attorneys to download and review. The system shows status of each document and invoice from initial document request through invoice creation and payment.

Google Maps Pulls data from an Access database that is transferred daily to the web server. Shows up to 1000 customer locations in groups in order to more efficiently route the maintenance and inspection visits. Immediately before the visit, each technician can log into the system and view a list of stops for the day or week and drill down into the stop to get contact info, access codes and reports from previous visits.