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What To Put On Your Web Site

Your company web site should reflect the personality of your company and the industry. The site is an opportunity to attract new customers and save time for your sales staff. When somebody visits your site and contacts you, they are interested in your product. The purpose of your web site is to make the customerís experience favorable so that happen as often as possible.

Obviously the site must make navigation easy for the visitor. Make your message clear and concise. Consider the userís browser. Users of older browsers tend not to explore sites that use the latest HTML features. Youíre graphics small so your page loads quickly. Protect your trademarks and copyrights with the appropriate notices.

Skillful use of meta-tags can be a great source of free advertising for your site. Meta tags let search engines catalog your site so visitors find it. Describe your business without repeating keywords. Put most important words first. Many search engines limit description length. The search engine will display your title when it finds your page. Newsgroups are another free source of publicity. Be careful not to violate their rules on commercial posting. Consider advertising your site on your business card, yellow pages, newspaper, and magazines.

Develop a site outline. Here are some subjects to consider:

You donít have to use all the areas above. Decide the point at which you want to make your customer contact your sales force for more information. Your web site can be changed quickly so you should treat it like a living document. Be on the lookout for other good ideas you can add to make your site attract customers for you.