Click Admin on the Main menu to see this form.

Click Audit on the Admin form to create an Audit.

Use the Auditor form to hold contact info about Auditors.

The AuditQuestion form relates generic Questions to a specific Audit. You can enter a Section, Sort order and assign Points that will be scored to the question if it is answered Yes. The Sort can be any decimal number, so you can insert a new question between any two questions.

Use the Examiner form to hold contact info about Examiners. Audits are performed on documents created by the Examiner.

The Office form holds generic contact info for the Auditor, Examiner and Supervisor.

Generate generic questions on the Question form, then assign them to a specific Audit on the Audit Question form.

Section is used to separate questions on an audit.

This lets users connect and upload their data to the server, then download a copy of all the records on the server. You can quickly specify the location of the data tables either on your C: drive, the server or another location.

The Supervisor form contains Supervisor info.