The Task Equipment form lets you set up tasks for work orders. The Find box lets you find a string in | TaskNo | EquipNo | Location | EqDesc | DateFreq | NextDueDate | SEL |. Use the vertical bar delimiters to specify the start of or end of a field or to specify that the contents of the field must match the find string exactly. Find for |SEL| to show all records where the Sel checkbox is checked.

If you click on a blue link such as Task No, Equipment No, Location, Equipment Description, Date Frequency, Next Due Date or Sel, the records will be sorted on that column. If you click the column head a second time, the records will be sorted in descending order.

Before starting to use this form, use the Setup form to create the Task, Equipment and Location records you will select. Click New to create a new Task Equipment record, select the Task, Equipment, Location and SubLoc1. Enter the Date Frequency, the number of days until the task is rescheduled, and the Next Due Date.

Now that the recurring tasks are set up, click WOs at the bottom of the form to automatically generate and schedule the Work Orders. Click WO until it doesn't generate more work orders. Then click WO weekly to keep work orders up to date.