To add a new visit, click Issue on the Main menu or Contact form to open the Issue form. Click Visit to open the Visit form and click New to add a new record. The parishioner and issue are selected. Enter a Visit Date, select a Visitor and Visit Type. Enter a VisitComment that shows on each visit report and if the visit is to occur more than once, enter Interval Days and End Date. (You can enter date format like m/d, m/d/yyyy, use the calendar control or the numeric + or - keys to add or subtract a day from any date field). The Recs or number of visits to be generated will be calculated for you. If you prefer, you can enter Recs and the EndDate will be calculated for you. Click Copy to create the recurring visits. Use the Comment field for additional notes about this Visit.

The Sel checkbox is for future use to allow you to select multiple Visits on reports and queries. Sel All selects all records in the recordset. Clear Sel clears all records in the recordset. You can use the Find box to filter or limit records shown in the recordset. For example, Find for Hosp to show only records where the Visit is Hospital. Find uses the | symbol (above the \) to show the first or last of a field. The status bar text above the Start button shows fields used by the Find box. (| VisitID | VisitDate | VisitType | C-ContactID | V=VisitorID | VisitStatus | Comment | SEL |). Find |SEL| to find selected Visits. Find |C-1| to find Visits for ContactID 1. You could also find the contact in the Contact form and click Visit. Find, Sel All and Clear Sel work the same on all continuous forms.

Click the blue link at the top of a field (VisitID, Contact, VisitDate, Visitor, Type, Issue, Sel) to sort ascending by that field. Click the link again to sort in descending order.

The Del button at the bottom of the form lets you confirm and delete a Visit. Click Exit to return to the previous menu.