Click Inv from the Main menu to see all invoices for all contacts. Click Inv at the bottom of the Contact form to see invoices for that contact. Click the blue link to sort the list by InvoiceID, Invoice Date, Company, Amount, InvDate, PaidDate, Invoice No or Sel.

Click View to view the invoice report or Print to print it to the default printer. Click Edit to open the Invoice form for a single invoice. From this form, click CC to open the Credit Card form, Return, Credit, Print the order, PrintInv to print the invoice, ViewInv to view the invoice and print to alternate printer or PDF, Print PL to print the packing list, View PL to view the packing list. Return creates a credit that reverses the invoice and affects inventory. Credit creates order detail and invoice detail lines that discount the invoice but does not affect inventory.

Double click a date field to enter the current date. Use the numeric + and - to increase or decrease by a day.