Project form for Registered Accessibility Specialist Compliance Application

Use the colored area at the top of the Project form to find records. Find locates a string in: ~ ProjectName ~ EABNo ~ DesignFirm ~ Designer ~ TenantContact ~ Tenant ~ Status ~ Street ~ ConstructionType ~ CityZone ~ Descrip ~ OwnerContact ~ Comment ~. Use the tilde to find only fields that start with or end with the Find string. If you use both delimiters, the field must match the string exactly. You can use the ? wildcard to match any character or * to match 0 or more characters. Records that meet the Find filter criteria appear in the Project combo. You can use PgDn to move to the next record or PgUp to move to the previous record.

When a project is complete, you can hide it. Check Hid at the top of the form to see the completed hidden projects. Check Show Sel to show only the projects where Sel is checked.

As you tab through the fields, the status bar above the start button shows what is expected in each field.

Click TXRas to create a text file in your documents folder that can be uploaded to other systems.

To create custom letters for Word, select a template in the Ltr combo and click Ltr. The database fields will be used in the letter.