General Ledger lets you add transactions that affect your balance sheet or profit and loss. Use the Find box to find a string in any field. Use the Start and End fields to specify a date range for the records. The default Start is the beginning of the current year.

If you click on a blue link at the top of a column, the records are sorted by that column. Secondary search is GLID. Click the link again to sort in descending order.

See Setup, Combo for accounts used by the system. Each Account has an AccountType, (Asset, Liability, Equity, Income or Expense) also in the Combo table. Use care when selecting the Account and Cash Account fields. If you make a loan TO shareholder or repay a loan FROM a shareholder, the Amount is normally negative. If a check is created, enter the CheckNo. Enter a negative number to track ACH, wire transfers and Paypal transactions.

Click the Check button to print a check to the default printer using a GL record. Enter the check number when that is done. This will be used when reconciling the check register.

Click the blue Tax link at the top of the form to add 8.25% to the Amount for purchases. Enter each item purchased on a separate line to simplify inventory. Enter a Kit for Fixed Asset inventory control.

InvoiceID is automatically added when you mark an invoice as paid through the Payment form. Sel is checked on the records that are awaiting deposit. Click Undeposited to see the total of those records. When they are deposited, click Deposit to assign a DepositID, create a Deposit record and remove the Sel check.

Here are some sample transactions using the above accounts:

Transaction Account Cash Account
Sale of stock to SH SH Equity Checking
Repay loan From SH. Amt<0 Loans Checking
Invoice income Inc from Consulting Checking
Property to equity Fixed Assets SH Equity
Pay fed tax Tax Checking
Pay employee Payroll Checking
Sales tax collected Sales Tax Coll Checking
Buy fixed asset by SH Fixed Assets Loans
Paypal loan to SH. Amt<0 Loans Checking
Depreciation on 12/31 Depreciation Fixed Assets
Phone expense pd by SH Other Exp Loans
Mileage expense Other Exp Checking
Dividend to SH. Amt<0 SH Equity Checking
Trash fixed asset. Amt=0 Fixed Assets Checking
Cost of Goods Sold Fixed Assets Checking
Cost of Goods Sold Fixed Assets Loans
Sale of inventory Sale of Inv Checking