Click Setup on the Main menu to see the Setup form. Select the Contact to be used on reports. Blue links on the form work like command buttons. Hover over the link or button to see it does.

GenIssue is the Issues that form the outline of the questionnaire. Set the sort order to determine where each record appears. Ver 1.3 appears between 1 and 2. The comment does not appear on the questionnaire, but Memo does.

A GenQuestion is related to a Generic Issue. Enter the text of the question and select the question type: 0=Info Text, 1=Yes/No, 2=Mult Choice Letter, 3=255 char blank, 4=Path to doc. Set a Sort value to define where the question appears on the questionnaire. 1.4 appears between Sort 1 and 2. Uncheck Active for questions that you no longer want to appear on new questionnaires. QC Questions appear on QC Inspection others are Closeout questions.

The User form lets the Super user add or edit users. Normal users are limited in the data they can edit on themselves, but they can change their password here. After confirming the password, click UserName before you press the Exit key. This allows the encrypted passwords in the MDW file on your c: drive to be copied to the server so you can log in anywhere.

More info on setting up users

Click Link to change where the data tables are located. If you see the box asking where the data tables are upon opening the database, you may have a network error and should call for support to avoid storing your work in the wrong location.

Backup quickly saves a copy of the data tables to another location such as a flash drive.

Compact rebuilds the indexes, repairs and reduces the size of the tables database. This requires exclusive access to the database, so it is best done after work. If you change lots of data, you will notice improved performance if you compact weekly.