Enter a string in the Find box and press tab or enter to filter the records to show only those who contain the string in a field. Use the | delimiter to specify the start or end of a field. Use the ? wildcard to match any single character or * to match one or more characters. Press the PgDn or PgUp keys to move to the next or previous record.

Update the contact info fields on the Job form. Values for Material Burden, Labor Burden, Low Risk Burden, Regular Risk, Low Risk, General Administration, PerDiem and Labor Rates for Design, Fabrication, Field and Underground are pulled from the default settings on the Setup form, but you can change them. You can change the labels for Design, Fab, Field and Underground on the Setup form to use the app for non-construction estimates. The Control combo and Factor combo are added together to calculate percentages in Design through Underground. Click the blue Pct link to adjust the percentages to total 100%. Status bar text above the Start button shows you what is expected in the field as you tab through fields.

The blue SelAll link selects all jobs in the recordset filtered by the Find box. A record is selected when the Sel checkbox is checked. Clear x Sel recs reverses this process and clears all Sel boxes in the found recordset. These features are additive so you can Sel recs that contain Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, then clear jobs where the comment contains the word Test. These Sel records can be used for printing reports, export or later editing. The Copy button copies the current Job and all its estimates and details and moves to that new record.

Click Estimate or x Estimates on the Job form to add or change an estimate. Defaults from the Job form are copied to the Estimate form. Most fields and navigation are like on the Job form. You can change the Heads label to fit the type of estimate on the Setup form. It and SqFt, linear Footage and OtherUnits are used to track costs on reports. The Remodel checkbox can affect taxes. The Rpt button opens the Report form to the current estimate. Edit the Estimate form from the Table combo to see all estimates in the system, not just for one job.

Click x Details on the Estimate form to select the parts or materials, quantity and taxes. If you change the EstID, the detail is moved to the other estimate. Price, Hours per unit and Major Category (MC) are are set up on the Part form, but can be adjusted on the Detail form. Edit the Detail table on the Table combo of the Setup form to see all details in the system. Click a blue field label link at the top of the form to sort ascending by that field. Click the link again to sort descending.