Click Report on the Main menu to open the Report form. Select a report and parameters for the report. Click Print to send the report to your PC's default printer, View to view the report on the screen or Export to save the query underlying the report as mainframe or MS Excel CSV, dBase DBF, MSAccess MDB, Microsoft Word RTF, MS Access snapshot viewer SNP, TXT or Microsoft Excel XLS. To create a PDF report, install a PDF printer driver like Adobe Acrobat or Primo PDF (free from View the report, File, Print and select the PDF printer driver.

The Accounts Payable report shows payment due to a nursing facility by patient. You must select a date range and can select one or all hospices, nursing facilities and patients at that nursing facility and hospice combination. Additionally, you can click the blue Sel link and select multiple nursing facilities from a hospice. If you check MidMo, nursing facilities who prefer to receive a midmonth payment (on the Combo form for NF) are selected. To show only Sel services or nursing facilities, check Sel Recs only or Sel NF recs. To hide balanced records, check Hide Balanced. This hides any record where you owe less than the Zero Bal amount on the Setup form. If you check Hide Negative, all amounts where the nursing facility owes you a net amount will be hidden. (You shouldn't be writing checks for a negative amount). Check NF Pg Brk to insert page breaks so each nursing facility is shown on a separate page. This makes it easier for the hospice to file or distribute the report to its nursing facilities.

The report is grouped by Hospice and Nursing Facility and sorted by Patient last name, first name and Service To date.

The AP for NF report shows only fields applicable to nursing facilities. The parameters and sort order are the same as the AP report above.

The AP Summary report shows the amount payable to the nursing facility on a single line. The parameters are similar to the ccounts Payable report except there is no NFPgBrk option since the data for each nursing facility is only one line. The report also provides an option to Make Checks. After showing the report and confirming, creates checks in the Check table. The checks remain selected, so you can delete them if you need to. If you check the Uncommitted box, the report includes an Uncommitted field and total. IA stands for Inactive nursing facility on the report.

The Check report shows checks created within a date range and the services covered by that check. You can filter the recordset to show one or all hospices and one or all nursing facilities in that hospice. Click the blue Sel link to select multiple nursing facilities. Check Sel Recs only to show only checks where Sel is true in the Check table. As with most other Show Sel options, this overrides the other parameters. The report is grouped by Nursing Facility and sorted by CheckID and the subreport is sorted by GLID.

The Check Detail report is like the Check report except it also shows DepositID, DepositDate, ARBalance and Reconciled. The parameters are identical.

The Check Detail Export report flattens the file so checks and details can be exported to a single (usually XLS) file.

The Check Summary report shows one line per check with summary info sorted by CheckID. Parameters are the same as for the Check report.

The Deposit report summarizes deposits within a date range for one or all hospices. Check Sel Recs only to override the selection and show only deposits selected on the Deposit form.

The General Ledger report shows service details for a check. You must select a SvcFrom date range and may select one or all hospices, one or all nursing facilities and one or all patients. Check Sel recs only to override the parameters and show only records where Sel is checked on the GL form.

The Service report shows the data on the Service form. You must select a SvcTo date range and may select one or all hospices, one or all nursing facilities and one or all patients. Select a nursing facility in the combo and click the blue Sel link to select multiple nursing facilities. Check Sel Recs only to override the other parameters and show only Service records where Sel is true. Select the sort by Patient (lastname, firstname) or Nursing Facility, then Patient.