Patient form for Health Clinic Application

Use the colored area at the top of the Patient form to find records. Find locates a string in: | PatientID | LastName | FirstName | DOB | SEL | Comment |. Find for |SEL| shows all records where Sel is checked. Records that meet the Find filter criteria appear in the Patient combo. You can use PgDn to move to the next record or PgUp to move to the previous record.

Enter the demographic data for the patient. Blue links beside combo boxes open the Combo form to that record so you can edit it or add a new record. Click Service to open the Service form and add services for the patient. As you tab through the fields, the status bar above the Start button shows what is expected in each field. Select a Level of Need LON and a Level of Consciousness LOC. Put a comment in the Combo table records to define these levels. Click SpecialNeeds to open the Task form to add tasks for the 8576 forms.

Select Contacts for the Patient on the right side of the form. Click the blue Edit link at the top of the form if you need to add a new Contact. Click New Contact Type to add another Contact record for this patient. Click Del Contact Type to delete that ContactType from the patient. Add new Contact Types to the system on the Combo form.

If you put an exclamation point ! in the Comment field, it will be highlighted pink.

Click the blue link at the bottom of the page to open the following forms:

The Quiz form lets you fill in answers from this patient on a stored quiz. Click Quiz Rpt to view the report. Set up the questions on the Setup, Question form.

The Schedule form lets you schedule a task to be completed by a contact. Once it is completed, enter the time Done and Result to remove it from the uncompleted list of tasks to do.

Select ICD codes on the History form. Enter the Created and Removed dates. Select a Provider. Click Edit to edit Contact info about the provider.

Click Invoice to see a list of invoices for the patient.

Click Edit to edit a single invoice and edit the detail lines. Clck Fill to fill in the detail lines from uninvoiced Log entries.

Click Pay to open the Pay form. When you have completed the fields, click Save.

CLick Plan to edit the Plan of Care. Click Report to view the Plan of Care. File, Print to print it.

Click the Tasks on the Care form to add or delete tasks to be tracked.

Click Med on the Patient form to edit the medications the patient is currently taking.

Click Log on the Patient form to log results of labs, weight, blood pressure, temperature, etc.

Click Allergy on the Patient form to edit the list of the patient's allergies.