MS Access General Ledger GL Form for phone service sales
General Ledger lets you add transactions that affect your balance sheet or profit and loss. Find any transaction by string or account. The accounts are set up, but you can add your own too. Assign items to a kit for inventory control. Only supervisors may see the GL form and reports.

MS Access Account Form for phone service sales
Here are some sample transactions using the above accounts:

Transaction Account Cash Account
Sale of stock to SH SH Equity Checking
Repay loan From SH. Amt<0 Loans Checking
Invoice income Inc from Consulting Checking
Property to equity Fixed Assets SH Equity
Pay fed tax Tax Checking
Pay employee Payroll Checking
Sales tax collected Sales Tax Coll Checking
Buy fixed asset by SH Fixed Assets Loans
Paypal loan to SH. Amt<0 Loans Checking
Depreciation on 12/31 Depreciation Fixed Assets
Phone expense pd by SH Other Exp Loans
Mileage expense Other Exp Checking
Dividend to SH. Amt<0 SH Equity Checking
Trash fixed asset. Amt=0 Fixed Assets Checking
Cost of Goods Sold Fixed Assets Checking
Cost of Goods Sold Fixed Assets Loans
Sale of inventory Sale of Inv Checking