Realty database in Plano, Carrollton, Denton and McKinney, TX

Click Contact on the Main menu to open the Contact form. The colored area at the top of the form helps you locate a specific record. The find box lets you filter the recordset by ~ ContactID | LastName, FirstName | Company | HomePhone | Phone | CellPhone | Street | City | Zip | EMail | Spouse | Comment | ContactType | SEL | InACTIVE | ClientRating | Agent ~. Use the vertical bar and tilde keys to delimit the start or end of the field or both delimiters to require the field match your Find string exactly. You can select contacts from the filtered list in the Contact combo box or scroll through the records using the < and > buttons or the PageDown and PageUp keys.

Use the All Contacts, Active, All Follow Ups, Expired, Buyers or Sel quick links at the top of the form to quickly filter the recordset. Super users can also filter by any followup user.

You can log emails and letters sent in box 2. Box 3 lets you quickly add log entries that contain key words used in reports. Select the Agent or Company in box 4. Use Box 5 to assign the buyer agent and listing agent and to show any CoAgent relationships. Check Met to log meetings with buyer and seller. Box 6 shows geographical area. Box 7 shows how the lead was generated, how likely it is to generate a sale and the next followup date. Box 8 shows the last log entry. You can scroll through all comments below box 7. A link at the bottom of the form lets you associate this contact to a listing and select the Contact Type.