To open the Contact form, click the Contact button or Alt-C from the Main menu. The colored area at the top of the form lets you locate a specific record. The find box lets you filter the recordset by ContactID, Last Name, First Name, Company, Cell Phone, Work Phone, Driver License Number (DLNo), Tag or Plate Number, Seller Level based on volume of sales per time period, or to find only records you have selected for processing. You can select sellers from the filtered list in the Contact combo box or scroll through the records using the < and > buttons or the PageDown and PageUp keys.

Scrap Metal Selling database in Plano, Carrollton, and McKinney,Texas

Fields in yellow such as vehicle make, model and color, driver license number and state and tag or plate number and state are required to create an invoice. This ensures data will be available for reports to Texas are required for reportable commodities. Blue labels such as Vehicle and Vehicle Color open those forms so you can add to the combo boxes. The blue link for Photo lets you view the Driver License folder to ensure the file is named properly. Normally the SSN field is hidden once it is filled in. The blue SSN link shows the value in the SSN field. If you enter the exclamation ! character in the comment, the background will be highlighted to help the cashier notice action is necessary next time the seller stops by. The Drivers License photo is shown to the left of the data fields. The database will alert you if you enter a duplicate drivers license or social security number. The Inactive checkbox at the top of the form lets you hide sellers without deleting them completely.

This program is designed to work at two independent recycling centers and synchronize contact sales daily. One center sends data to an FTP server and about 30 minutes later the other site sends its data and downloads data from the first site. Thirty minutes later, the first site downloads the second site's data. If a driver license exists at both sites, the Alt ContactID link will be blue and if you click it, you will see the invoices from the other site. This helps you determine the level of the seller and offer a premium rate to your best sellers.

The system supports multiple cash drawers or points of sale. When you scan the driver license, the scanner is set to create a file like S:\DL\Scan2-A.jpg. The blue Link DL Scan link (not shown above ImportDLScan) renames that file to the ContactID S:\DL\1431.jpg in this case.

SelAll lets you select all records in the recordset to include in a report. Clear x Sel recs lets you clear or uncheck Sel for all Sel records in the recordset. When used with the Find box, you can make multiple selections to select all the sellers who are for example, from Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, McKinney or Sherman, Texas.

ImportDLScan creates a new contact record and imports the text stored in for example, S:\DL\Scan\2-A.txt into the Contact form. This has been tested with the ScanShell 800 ID Scanner from Card Scanning Solutions.

Once the required fields are entered, click NewInv to create a new invoice or x Invoices to see the existing invoices for this seller. If you prefer, you can enter contacts manually by clicking New. You can delete a contact using the Del key. This is restricted to super users because it isn't a good idea to delete contacts who have sold metals to you. The record counter in the lower left of the form tells you how many records are in the current recordset and which one you are on. Form has inactive check box to allow user to mark a contact inactive or not. VCR buttons allows user to scroll though records with ease. Forms contain an unique find feature that allows users to find records with ease. This Access application contains report form that allow user to print and view reports.