Click Setup on the Main menu to see the Setup form.

Scrap metal Buying and Selling program in Grand Prairie and Frisco, Texas

Enter your company's contact info and filename of a logo for the large invoice. Level 1 thru 3 factors are to calculate prices based on a general percentage of your SalePrice. There is also a factor for each commodity on the Commodity form.

For example: Price1 = SalePrice * Level1Factor * CommodityFactor

The DLFolder is where scans of driver licenses are stored. Photos are in JPG format and named like the ContactID.
The PhotoFolder is where a photo of each transaction is stored. They are also in JPG format and named like the InvoiceID.
The ImportFolder is where prices can be imported from.
The AltDatabase is the name of the data tables for an alternate site. Click Match to compare contacts by Drivers License and set the AltContactID to the ContactID in the alternate database.
If BigInvoice is checked, invoices are formatted for 8.5x11 letter size paper instead of 80mm continuous paper.

To see the raw data in any table, select it in the Table combo and click the blue View link. You can sort or move columns. When you close the table, don't save. You can export tables to CSV, DBF, HTM, MDB, RTF, TXT or XML formats.

Mileage rate id for one way mileage charges on dumpsters.

To send reportable transactions to the state, enter the date and click XMLtoTX. The XML document will open for your inspection and upload to the web.

To back up your data tables, click Backup and specify the file location.

Link specifies the location of the data tables. It may take a couple minutes to relink the tables.

TblDoc creates an HTML data dictionary that describes the fields in each table.

Click Quit to force users out of the database for maintenance.

Compact is similar to defrag for your hard drive. It removes deleted records and rebuilds indexes in your data tables.

Click Combo to open the Combo form. Super users can add or change the values that appear in combo boxes throughout the system. The Code field is required as a primary key for for each record.

Scrap Metal Recycling application for Tarrant, Denton, and Dallas counties

Click Commodity to open the Commodity form. It lists all commodities that may appear on an invoice. Factor is used to adjust prices as a percentage of SalePrice for each commodity.ImportCommodity lets you import from a price sheet that uses different commodity names than you use in your system. Code is the commodity name requred by Texas. Sort lets you specify the order commodities appear in the combo box. Sel lets you select commodities for reports. You can use Find to filter the recordset by CommodityID, Metal, Commodity, Comment or Sel.

Commodities Selling database for Flower Mound, Denton, and Grand Prairie, Texas

Click Dumpster on setup form to select form. You can view the location and contact info for dumpsters you have placed for recycling. Last Pickup and Weeks To Fill let you estimate when to check the status of the dumpster. You can enter a fixed freight charge or click Calc to calculate it based on 2 * Mileage Rate on Setup form * Miles on Dumpster form. Click Invoice to see invoices related to this dumpster.

Scrap Metal recycling application  for Mesquite, Mckinney, and Grand Prairie,Texas

Click End of Day on the Setup form to open the EOD form. Click New to add a record for each cash drawer for the day. Enter the cash on hand at the start of the day in Beginning Drawer, Cash From Bank for any cash added to the drawer from the bank, Expenses for any cash removed from the drawer for expenses other than buying metals and enter the Cash Count. If you like, you can click Tool and enter the number of bills and coins to help you with the cash count. You can print a report to include with the cash or the End Of Day report. Cash Over should balance to zero. Use Cmt to explain any shortage or overage. Use Desc to describe expenses. Click the blue link to view the EndOfDay report, File, Print to print it to a letter size printer and file.

Scrap Metal Selling database for Collin and Denton counties in Texas

Click Price on Setup form to open the Price form. Enter date the prices become effective and expire and the price for which you sell metal commodities. Price1 is the normal price you pay for the metal. Price2 and Price3 are prices you pay to sellers who deliver larger quantities. These prices are calculated based on the Level1 2 and 3 factors on the Setup form multiplied by the Factor on the Commodity form multiplied by the Sell Price. The blue Factor link at the bottom of the form lets you calculate the prices based on factors for Sel recs You can also edit the calculated price. You can also enter an XLS into the Import Folder set on the Setup form. Select the Excel spreadsheet in the combo beside Import and click the blue Import link. This will set any records with a blank EndDate to end today and append the records in the imported file. To see a sample of the spreadsheet layout, click Import without entering a filename.

Scrap Metal Selling Program in Tarrant, Dallas, and Denton counties in Texas

Click Sale to open the Sales form. This is for metals you sell to the foundry. Click the gray box to the left of a record and click Edit to see the details on the Sale form. There are fields to estimate the percent of the load, estimated quantity and estimated price. After the sale, enter the actual quantity and price paid. When you have noted differences in estimated and actual revenue, check Reconciled Report.

Scrap Metal Selling database in Grand Prairie and Arlington, Texas

Scrap Metal Selling application in Dallas and Fort Worth

Click User on the Setup form to open the User form. You must be a super user to add or delete users or change info about other users. Drawer is required. The letter is the first initial of your location. This will be the drawer where transactions by this user are counted on the End of Day report.

More info on setting up users

Scrap Metal Commodities application for Richardson, Arlington, and Mesquite,Texas

Click Vehicle on the Setup form to open the Vehicle form. This lets you edit the description of vehicles required for reports to the state. Click Make/Mdl to sort by the Make and Model field or Edit to add or delete records from that combo.

Commodities Metal Selling application for Collin and Denton counties in Texas