Use the Find box to find a string in | ServiceID | ServiceDate | Technician | ServiceType | Status | Problem | Resolution | RepaisRequired | Comment |. Find for |SEL| to show all selected records. If the Install form is open, only the service records for that install are shown. Click Inspection or Service at the top of the form to see only that ServiceType. Click Incomplete to exclude all services where Status = Complete. Click All to see all services. Use the Service combo or PgDn / PgUp keys to move to the specific service you want.

InstallID and contact name, address and phones for the install are shown with a blue background. Click New to create a new Service record. Set the Service Type to S for Service or I for Inspection. Set the Request Date and Service Timeframe. Select the Technician and enter Service Date and Problem. Double click date fields to set them to today's date or clear them. Use the numeric + or - key to add or subtract a day from the date.

Complete the other fields when the service is complete. As you tab through the fields, the StatusBarText above the start button changes to show what is expected in the field.

Click Service Report at the bottom of the form to view the Service report.