Nonprofit Social Service Charity application

Click Report on the Main menu to open Report form. Based on the report you select, you'll see fields to filter the records, add details or sort the data. The SelZip and SelService links let you choose multiple values for those fields. For example, you could select food, rent,gas and utilites for all zips in Dallas County.Reports lets you schedule volunteers and appointments for medical clinics as well as print mailing labels. The Sort1 field lets you choose one of as many as fifteen fields as the primary sort. It also provides subtotals on that field. You can export all reports to CSV, dBase DBF, HTM, Access database MDB, Word RTF, Microsoft Access Snapshot SNP, TXT or Excel XLS You can use File, Print to send a viewed report to any printer on your network. If you install Primo PDF or Adobe Acrobat, you can save the report as a PDF.

Access Report form combo

Report Combo box lets you select report of your choice.

Access Appointments Form

Appointment report lets you see all appointments for all clinics with workers and times for one day.

MSAccess Social Services Board of Directors Report

Board of Directors report lets all members of boards see a summary of all serivces for a specfic period of time.

Access Social Services Client Services Report

Client Service report lets you see all client services given during a specfic time period.

Access Food, Gas, Rent, Pharmacy Assistance Form

Coupon report lets you see how many cfood, gas, drug and rent coupons were provided to the clients.

MSAccess Social Services Demographic Report

Demographics report lets you see the precise demogrgraphics of the clients you are serivng.

Social Services Donor Report

Donor report lets donors see how their money was used to help provide services and support programs.

Access Mailing Label Report

Label report prints pages of mailing labels. Each page of mailing labels have ten labels per page.

Access No Interview Report

No Interviews report lets you see how many clients did not have inital interview.

MSAccess Routes for Commodities Report

Routes for commodities report lets you see and plan routes for delivery of meals.

Social Services Senior Report

Senior report lets you see how many of clients are seniors.

MSAccess Services Received Report

Services report lets you see all services recieved for specific time period.

Access Individual Services Received Report

Services Received by Individual report lets you see what services each client has received during a specific period of time.

Access Transitional Housing Report

TransitionalHousing report lets you see names of clients being served by transitional housing.

Social Service Database Transitional Housing Service Report

Transitional Housing report lets you see how many of units in each complex are in use.

Access Database Volunteer Report

Volunteer report lets you see all necessary data on volunteers.

Access Social Services Volunteer by Day Report

Volunteer by Day report lets you see how many hours the volunteers have worked that day.