Mowing Service customer application

Find contacts using the Contact combo box in the upper part of the form. Filter the list by selecting a sales group or find string. If you check All, inactive contacts are included. If you check Log, only contacts with a log entry that contain the find string appear. The list is sorted company & last name. Enter a ContactID into the find box to go directly to that contact. PgDn moves to the next record. PgUp moves to the previous record. Esc closes the form.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen tells what goes in each field in the system. Hover over any command button for two seconds for a tooltip of what it does. Any underlined letter is a hotkey. Hold Alt and press the letter. Blue underlined labels work like web hyperlinks to open additional forms. Alt-Z on any record of any form in the system to see the time and user who last updated that record.

The distance figure is based on info you enter in the zip table. Use log entries to store info or to-do actions for a prospect or customer. Invoice button shows invoices for this customer. Report shows contact info, to-do tasks, log history and invoice entries by date. Click Env to print an envelope. The web based Map link uses the JobStreet and JobZip.

Custom mowing services

Click the Services link to select services for this contact.
You can temporarily suspend service or manually schedule the next service.

Set up marketing groups

Click the Source link to set sales groups for this contact.
Click the Grps button to edit the groups.